How to Choose the Best Electric Tandoor

Having Tandoori naan or roti in chilling winter is totally a different fun. But to enjoy that delicious tandoori roti you must need to visit some dhaba or hotel where you can get the traditional tandoori. But having the same taste and feel is a bit difficult and that too when work-life balance doesn’t let us think much about different dishes due to a shortage of time.

You need not worry as now we have electric tandoor which can be used to prepare the same tandoori roti at home. Even if you have the best of the best electric tandoor you can use it to make naan, pizza, and even barbecuing vegetables as well.

 One of the best benefits of having electric tandoor is that it comes at a quite lower cost and you get to eat the best electric tandoor with high features in 2k to 3k in India.

How to choose Top Best Electric Tandoor Online?

Generally, electric tandoor has a very small capacity where you need to insert one roti at a time which is time-consuming. But if you trust our words then it’s totally worth to have your tasty tandoor roti at home. It is best suited for a small type family where 4-5 people are there to eat and want tandoori roti this could be the best option for them.

Before you buy electric tandoor online do see through below-mentioned points before making any purchasing decision. 


Nowadays there are many brands available in the market under this category and it is overwhelming to pick one out of them. We recommend you to go for brands that give you best for sales services and support as well.


When it comes to price, the electric tandoor should not be more than 3k to 5k. You can get the best one this price range of 2k to 3k so there is actually no need to spend that much money on a tandoor.


The more powerful your tandoor is easy it is to prepare tandoori roti on it. We’ve listed some of the most powerful tandoors which comes with around 2oooW of power.


The more advance tandoor is offering many advanced features like shock proof cooking, non-stick grilling, recipe book etc.